Deposit peels off

1. Poor preparation of the surface (oxidized or dirty surface.)

2. Too low preheating temperature

3. Wrong parameters / too low welding current ® Bad bonding.

Clean the surface well.

Sand blast well.

Increase preheat.

Increase current.


1. Overheating / too high welding current ® too high dilution.

2. Too fast cooling.

3. Special base material

Reduce welding current

Reduce cooling speed

Slow cooling / controlled cooling


1. Poor preparation of the surface.

2. Incorrect parameters (welding current, up-slope, down-slope).

3. Poor sealing in torch (humidity).

Clean the surface well.

Sand blast well.

Adjust parameters.

Replace seals.


1. Incorrect particle size.

2. None spherical particles in the powder used.

Reduce fines content

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